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Home Matters

Home Matters is WDUN’s Saturday morning call in show with topics that relate not only to the houses in which we live but also to this area we call home – North Georgia!


Most of our interviews are with local businesses that offer home repair and improvement services. Home Matters has about 40 guests that rotate throughout the year. All of them understand the importance of the customer and the quality of service that is needed to be the best!

House Calls

With the belief that HOME MATTERS, we have partnered with dozens of businesses to bring about change in homes struggling and causing safety and esthetic issues for the homeowner. We've received referrals from our government and Habitat for Humanity for homes that fit this description.

Our first House Call in Gainesville presented us with multiple hazardous problems that we've begun to tackle. We hope you'll join us as we improve homes and lives' in Northeast Georgia.

Image by Rowan Heuvel
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